Speech by María Ángeles Muñoz at the Ven y Verás Training Programme Closing Ceremony

If you want to change your life, try giving thanks. If I do not give my life, no fruit is possible, whether I see it or not.

Tuesday June 18th 2024, Madrid

Today, we conclude our academic year with this ceremony, and I want to express my personal gratitude and that of the EGL Isabel la Católica to everyone who has made it possible for us to be here today:

Starting with Joaquín Vázquez on behalf of the Nemesio Díez Morodo Foundation, for their firm commitment to the training and support of future leaders;

Felipe Rojas, project director, who generously and enthusiastically embraced the challenge of creating a high-impact experiential programme for students with a vocation for public service. Thanks to the entire EGL team.

Thank you to those who have provided transformative testimonies about their work at the helm of life-changing institutions, such as D. Ginés, Bishop of Getafe, José María del Corral, Global Director of Scholas Occurrentes, who is here today, Nuria Hernández de la Hoz, President of the Apsuria Foundation, Blanca Hernández, CEO of Techo, and Laura Morosini, President of Laudato Sí Europe.

It is people who make organisations committed or not. Those of you leading high-impact entities give your lives to them. We have learned this well during these sessions. If I do not give my life, no fruit is possible, whether I see it or not.

Thanks to the Botín Foundation and the Rafael del Pino Foundation for providing spaces where we have built a community and engaged in the contrast of living experiences.

Thanks to the Francisco de Vitoria University for opening its doors to new initiatives like this programme, for embodying a welcoming style that brings light to the world.

Thanks to Bocatas for allowing our students to walk alongside others on a proven, joyful, and blessed path. Thanks to Scholas Occurrentes for sharing wisdom and knowledge with a workshop that awakens curiosity, facilitates contact, and educates in creativity at the service of man as a person and his inalienable dignity.

Thanks to the Madrid City Council for opening the doors of its Pipo Velasco Youth Innovation Centre and offering technical training on how to present social projects. Your best projects will be evaluated at the municipal level for possible implementation.

I now turn to you, students who love Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, who have worked on developing projects for initiatives in Africa, international cooperation, art therapy, and specifically on how to address unwanted loneliness in young people.

I ask myself, and I ask you: Is it not telling that several of your projects address this painful reality? What is happening to us as a society? Where has the encounter and recognition of the anthropological basis of our system of coexistence gone? Are we doomed to feel alone? The answer is clearly no, and that is why we are here, betting on community.

These are difficult questions because they do not have a single answer. But those of us gathered here are called to provide concrete, effective, real answers that can know and touch the wounds. Now we must work tirelessly.

The School of Government and Leadership offers this space of community. We want to change the world together, trained in excellence and committed to people and the much-needed Common Good.

I pass the baton to you. I sincerely hope you internalise this experience and put into practice what you propose. We will be here to support you. I hope that in 3, 5, 7, or 10 years, I see many of your faces leading initiatives that transform the world and change lives.