Launch of the European Summer School 2024

A gathering for young European leaders on "Europe, present and future: mission, identity, and common project".

The Isabel la Católica School of Government and Leadership, in partnership with the International Academy of Catholic Leaders, which operates in more than 40 dioceses across 14 countries worldwide, is pleased to announce the launch of its 2024 summer school.

This activity is part of the training programmes included in the Cooperation Agreement between the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria and the COMECE (The Catholic Church in the European Union), dedicated to the training and promotion of European leaders committed to the common good.

This programme, which invites young people aged 18 to 40 with a vocation for leadership from various regions of Europe, brings together global experts focused on revitalising the European Project that emerged at the end of World War II. Based on the principles of Greek philosophy, Roman law, and Judeo-Christian religion, the camp is aimed at young leaders in training who wish to develop the virtues and skills of governance, cultivate empathy, and establish a real connection with the needs and concerns of the citizens they will serve in the future.

This event proposes to reflect on the roots of Europe, analyse its current framework, and rethink its future, prioritising community dialogue and a love for authentic European identity. It will feature a circuit of practical workshops for skills and competencies development, as well as sports, cultural, and spiritual communion activities, serving as a prelude to high-impact projects such as the Global Leadership Programme.

“We invite young people to get involved in the European Project, formulating proposals that regenerate local identity and foster lasting bonds,” adds Javier de Cendra, Executive Director of the European Academy of Catholic Leaders.

For her part, María de los Ángeles Muñoz, Director of the Isabel la Católica School of Government and Leadership and an expert on the foundational project of the European Union, urges to “seek creative and bold ways to be builders of an active Europe,” and invites registration on the Academy’s website.

The 2024 Summer Camp promises to be an enriching experience that will help shape future European leaders committed to the common good. Don’t miss it!