Isabel la Católica School of Government and Leadership was created to identify, recruit, train, and accompany (future) service leaders equipped to guide societies through a change of era of extraordinary depth and scope.

The School’s vision is connected and committed to a society that is Spanish, European and international, in conditions that are conducive to the common good of all peace and justice, integral human development in harmony with the Common Home, and personal freedom geared towards the pursuit of goodness, truth and beauty which serve as the compass that guides all changes taking place in the political, economic, legal, and cultural spheres.

The School was established as part of the Faculty of Law, Business and Government of Francisco de Vitoria University, although it belongs to all the individuals and institutions that share the same ideals and the same urgency regarding the need to train leaders who promote the common good. By statute, the School’s governing board and international advisory board include people who have distinguished themselves through service leadership and who are, therefore, qualified to help identify and recruit (future) leaders who feel a similar calling.

In order to achieve the School’s goals, we must address a series of challenges, including the following:

The School’s vision is of a society that is Spanish, European and international, in conditions that are conducive to the common good of all

To this end, we will draw on the work of the Center for the Global Common Good and many other prestigious international institutions working in this field. The School of Law, Business and Government has signed agreements with institutions such as the Club de Madrid, the Atlantic Council, Madrid Futuro, the Atlantic Institute of Studies, and the International Academy of Catholic Leaders, among others, but we hope many more will join us in this challenge.
Bien Común Global y de muchas otras instituciones de prestigio internacional que trabajan en este ámbito. La Facultad de Derecho, Empresa y Gobierno ha firmado convenios con instituciones como el Club de Madrid, el Atlantic Council, Madrid Futuro, el Instituto Atlántico de Estudios, la Academia Internacional de Líderes Católicos, entre otros, pero queremos que muchos más se unan a este reto.

There are many leadership models we can and want to learn a lot from. That being said, we consider leadership first and foremost to be a calling that must be identified and nurtured in order to translate it into action that results in promoting the good of the community.

The School develops and executes training programs for current and future leaders through an eminently practical approach but also with a strict basis in both leadership models and all kinds of challenges that leaders have to face. The School will also hold congresses, seminars, conferences, and produce publications that are in line with its goals.

To create a global community of leaders, bringing together people from all fields of politics, business, civil society, and culture in general, that is characterized by an inclination to broaden their understanding of the world, what kind of leadership is needed, and to exercise transformational leadership under all circumstances.

To provide advisory services to public and private, national and international organizations on the specific implications of the global common good in their strategies and policies in order for them to review what they are currently doing and create new strategies and policies that are more aligned with this concept.