A Vision of
the Future

It is absolutely essential for people who are committed and have the ability to effectively contribute to the common good step forward to guide society through these changing times, with the common good as their guiding principle. Is it reasonable to take this leap of faith? What are the probabilities of success? And how necessary is it to calculate the probabilities of taking said leap?

In light of the above, we could consider this step to be heroic. Universal literature shows a hero’s journey as a universal paradigm including various steps: their initial calling and rejecting said calling, their encounter with a mentor, the stakes, forming friends and enemies, their major trials, their successes, the temptations to ruin everything, overcoming temptation and going back to the origins to lead others along the path of life. Heroes must be accompanied on their path. We need people like this today, as they’ve always been needed. The challenges and opportunities are huge, evil exists, human weakness exists, and the future is unwritten. Who dares to write it?

The School of Government and Leadership was created to seek and encourage those who seriously ask themselves this question to find an answer that is up to the level of the challenges we are facing. For those who do so based on the conviction that hope, faith and charity are stronger than apathy, skepticism and selfishness, and that all human beings have a deep yearning in our hearts that we wish to fulfill. That’s why our hearts open so deeply to all those who strive for a better, more humane future and want to contribute to creating it. In this regard, we allow ourselves to be guided by the wisdom of the Church, which was recently reflected in documents such as of Pope Francis’s “Fratelli Tutti,” which strongly challenges us to break free from our comfort zone to serve everyone, particularly those who are most in need, the weakest, and thus contribute to advancing, step by step, towards a universal fraternity that will never be perfect but is not, nevertheless, illusory.